Event Rules

Bike Inspections - Motorcycle Technical Preparation

All motorcycles must pass technical inspection prior to admittance to the track. You will not receive a refund if the bike does not meet the technical inspection requirements, which are:

  • Tires and brakes must be in good condition. Tires should be at least 75% of new condition. Any tires that are bluing from excessive wear will be disallowed. Slicks are allowed in 85% plus condition. We will have on site tire service at each track day, so if your tires don’t pass, you will have the opportunity to put on replacement tires to pass tech.
  • All glass, headlight, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. Side mirrors must be removed for the advanced group and at least taped over for all other groups. You can use any kind of tape, including painter’s tape, duct tape, electrical tape, etc.
  • We recommend, but do not require removal of center stands. No bikes with center stands will be allowed in the Advanced/Racer Group due to the ground clearance issue.
  • All machines must have an operational handlebar mounted kill switch/button and self-closing throttle in good working condition.
  • Advanced and Intermediate group riders must use water or water wetter or a non-ethyl glycol based anti-freeze/coolant. Approved Poly Glycol brands are: Evans, 7th Gear, Liquid Performance, and Engine Ice. •We do not allow Automotive Ethyl Glycol based coolants.
  • All valve stems must have caps. •Wheel balance weights must be well-secured.
  • License plates must have bolts taped or be removed.

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Bike Inspections
Quick Tip: All bikes must pass technical inspection before entering the track.

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