Event Rules

Required Equipment - Event Preparation and Gear

FastLine provides water; however, we recommend you bring additional water, sports drinks and refreshments for your hydration purposes. Drinks we provide are based upon our registration numbers.

Motorcycle Gear Requirements for Track Entrance

  • Damage free BSI, DOT or SNELL full-face helmet with face shield.
  • Riding boots that fully cover the ankle.
  • Gauntlet style gloves with full wrist coverage.
  • One or two piece leathers. Two piece leather suits must zip together for Novice, Intermediate or Advanced groups. Ballistic nylon suits such as Joe Rocket, AeroStitch etc. are acceptable in the Novice and Intermediate Group only provided they are either one piece or two piece that zip together with 50% zipper contact, reinforced and padded shoulders, elbows, hips, and knee areas.
  • Advanced and Intermediate group riders must wear back protectors or you will not be allowed on the track. Soft back pads sewn into suits are not enough.

Other Considerations

  • In case of injury, we suggest that you do not ride alone. Invite a friend or introduce yourself to another rider or FastLine Staff
  • Your Bike Key
  • Extra fuel - Bring a 5 gallon can of fuel, especially for weekend
  • Miscellaneous tools - bring zip ties, duct tape and your bikes tool kit - just in caseā€¦
  • Bring plenty of bottle water, hydration is important
  • Some tracks have a vendor or snack bar, some do not. Lunch will sometimes be provided to each registered rider, however, if you have special dietary needs, please bring your lunch.
  • Chair(s)
  • Shade/shelter - EZ ups are always a good idea at any track event

Your Track Day List

FastLine Video
What We Are About: If you have any questions Contact Us We will see you at the track.

Required Forms
Quick Tip: Download and fill out the registration form and waiver and bring it to track day.

What to Bring
Everything you will need at your trackday.

Bike Inspections
Quick Tip: All bikes must pass technical inspection before entering the track.

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