Cancellation Policy

There are no penalties for cancelling 14 days prior to the track day.

After the 14 days has expired members may give or sell a track day to a member of the same skill group at any time. Customers can post their spots for sale on the CMRA and other forums.  IMPORTANT:  FastLine must be notified of the transfer by e-mail no less than 96 hours prior to the event.

Crash Policy

Depending on the severity of the crash, you may be asked to sit out a session and be evaluated by the on-site paramedic staff. They will have the final decision to determine if you are eligible to return safely to the event. Your riding gear will be evaluated. There is no appeal to this policy.

The bottom line is ride within your limits. If you don't know your limits please slow down.

Weather Policy - Rain or Shine

FastLine will call rain days and you must be present to receive a credit. You will receive your Rain-check credits through email. There is a special credit code that you can use here at our website as payment toward a different event.

The credit codes are non-transferable and expire 12 months from date of issue.

In the extremely unlikely event that management at a venue calls the day prior to any on-track activity due to the track being deemed "non-ridable," a make up date may be issued for a future date of the venues choosing. This date will be the sole remedy and no refunds/credits for future events will be issued by FastLine.

An event voucher will be issued to all riders scheduled for the event. This voucher may be transferred to another current FastLine member of the same skill level group if desired.

Privacy Policy

We do not sell any information to "third party" partners.

We are fanatical about security and the privacy of our customer's personal information. To keep your information private and payment safe, we use encrypted transmission methods. On occasion, FastLine will make offers available to members.

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