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Novice Group (N-Group)

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The Novice group is designed for street and novice track riders. If you have no prior Motorcycle track experience it is mandatory to register within the N-Group and participate in all classroom sessions. We will provide valuable classroom and on-track training; including critiquing on-track skills after each ride.

The N-Group is divided into smaller sub-groups based on your skill level. Our Instructors will accompany each group to all of the track sessions and they supervise all passing.

You will learn the “racing line,” proper use of the throttle, braking, gear changes and selection, basic cornering techniques and body positioning. The pace is at a comfortable safe level so that everyone can experience the racing line. At FastLine we encourage question and emphasize learning so you can experience the fun of riding.

Intermediate Group (I-Group)

The intermediate group is for people with enough track time that they are comfortable at an accelerated riding pace up to the beginning racer. Riders in this group must wear a back protector.

We have a mandatory class room session for the intermediate group before the first 3 on-track sessions. These class room sessions are to ensure the safety of all riders, and to improve the riding skills of all riders. Our class room sessions will focus on Line Building, Body Positioning, Braking and Shifting.

We suggest riders in this group focus heavily on body position, setting up for turns, the racing line, and advanced throttle/braking control. Instructors will be available upon request whenever possible and are on track all day long. Please feel free to ask them any questions, show you the racing line, critique riding styles and techniques, etc.

Safe passing is permitted with at least 6 feet space cushion. The track tempo is intermediate to fast. No licensed racers permitted in this group unless cleared by our staff.

Lightweight Group (L-Group) - At GSS Track and select MSRH events

This group is for Intermediate to Advanced Level riders only. Previous track or racing experience required. The requirements are no displacement larger than 650cc; eligible machines are Motard 85cc 2 stroke or 150 cc 4 stroke to 650cc 4 stroke, SV 650, Ninja 650, Ninja 250, RS125, and Vintage bikes; and no inline 4 cylinder bikes over 500cc.

Advanced Group (A-Group) - Except at GSS Track

The Advanced Group is intended for the club racer or very accomplished track rider. Riders in this group must be comfortable passing and being passed in a very close proximity to other riders and at high speeds. There are no restrictions on safe passing and you must wear a back protector.

This group will gain valuable track time preparing for your next race, or just enjoy further refinement of your skills. Riders not keeping the pace and/or riding erratic lines will be policed out and returned to the Intermediate Group.

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